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Sunrise company was founded in 2009, headquartered in Jiangsu, China. As early as the beginning of 2000, the company has been committed to the combination of factory automation and factory intelligence, and constantly absorbing high-end professional and technical talents in the industry. Combined with their years of industry experience in filling and capping aseptic and non aseptic environments, packaging systems.

we offer you, our customer, with unmatched technology, quality, innovation, customer service and unrivaled experience for your automated requirements  At present, the company is a wholly-owned enterprise: Sunrise Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Siyang Chida import and export trade Co., Ltd., Langfang sunrise Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

The rising sun We are a high-quality, highly educated and high-quality staff team, full of unity and innovation spirit and our talented and knowledgeable partners (many of whom have more than 20 years of experience in the industry), bring you advanced equipment, we provide R & D, product design, manufacturing, pre-sales and after-sales services to help you to implement the project and achieve your goals. Inspiration and innovation are what our engineers are good at.

Our company constantly improves the design process and our product line, so we will meet your unique needs in the simplest way - help reduce downtime, provide higher overall equipment efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership and maximize efficiency

We recognize your needs and use original, resourceful ideas with world-leading technology to unravel them. China Sunrise Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd company profile  OUR PROMISE TO YOU Positive Experience. We strive to make a positive experience with consistent, dependable project management and transparency. Innovation and Customization. Every customer is different and has different needs. We specialise in bringing you innovative ideas, solutions and technology so you'll bring your product to the market faster. Dependability and Longevity. Consistently deliver reliable, enduring, well built custom and standard products. Unrivaled Customer Service. Whether it’s replacement parts or emergency service, we've you covered with our experienced team. China Sunrise Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd company profile SERVICE What we will do: The company's business mainly covers neutral beverages, acidic beverages, sparkling beverages, wine, water, oil, canned foods , condiments, medicines and other equipment and related supporting equipment. The company's professional sales, technical and engineering teams can provide products to customers One-stop professional services like shape design, beverage product formula, plant layout design, process design and consultation, equipment design and production, installation and commissioning.


At present, the company's main assembly line series include:

█PET aseptic cold filling assembly line


█Can/Canned Food assembly line


█Glass bottle food and beverage assembly line


The main products of pet water / beverage production line include: water treatment system, pre blending system, pet aseptic cold filling line related equipment, can / can production line related equipment (mainly including automatic unloading machine, filling and sealing machine, automatic cage loading and unloading machine, robot encoder, automatic packing machine, etc.), special products of Babao porridge production line (automatic Babao porridge capping machine, automatic packing machine, etc.) Dynamic longan totalizer, automatic lotus seed totalizer, etc.), glass bottle beverage line related equipment, pet water / beverage production line related equipment (including drinking water filling, medium temperature filling, ultra clean filling, blow molding filling and spinning, etc.).
The company's products have excellent material selection, reliable performance and strong adaptability, which greatly improves the automation degree and scale of the whole production line

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