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Fruit Juice Filling Machine

Fruit Juice Filling Machine

Cold pressed fruit juice production line

Cold press technology is to change the traditional juicing to "pressing", and press out the water in the fruit by pressure rather than cutting. In this way, the temperature of the fruit will not rise, and the nutrients and flavor will be well protected.

Concentrated Fruit Juice Filling Machine

Concentrated fruit juice can be preserved for a long time without deterioration. This is because after concentration, its sugar content is too high for microorganisms to survive in such a high osmotic pressure environment.

NFC juice beverage Filling Machine

NFC (raw pressed) juice is not concentrated and reduced, but sterilization is an essential processing step. Generally, instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization (UHT) technology is more common, so as to achieve the requirements of extended shelf life.

1. Process types of Juice Filling Machine


The current types of fruit juice consumer products are divided into:

Pulp type (turbid juice), clear juice type; according to the concentration, it is divided into 100% and diluted type (various from 5 to 50%);


2. Juice production process


Pulp type (turbid juice)Juice production process:
Raw material → washing → (peeling) → crushing → softening → multi-pass beating → multi-effect concentration → high temperature instant sterilization → filling and sealing


Clear juice typeJuice production process:
Raw materials → washing → peeling → crushing → initial enzymolysis → juice extraction → enzymolysis and clarification → filtration (ultrafiltration) → multi effect concentration → high temperature instantaneous sterilization → filling and sealing


The juice beverage production process of Sunrise-Filling Machine is as follows:

Concentrated juice → micronization → mixing → degassing → homogenization → high temperature instantaneous sterilization → filling and sealing (PET bottles, cans, etc.)


The process equipment of the juice type production line is as follows:

Pulp type (turbid juice): fruit sorting production line, fruit cleaning machine, fruit crusher, softening equipment, multi-channel beating machine, countercurrent multi effect concentration equipment, high temperature instant sterilizer, filling and sealing machin


Clear juice type: fruit sorting production line, Fruit Washer, fruit crusher, primary enzymolysis equipment, juicer, pre filtration equipment, enzymolysis clarification equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, multi effect concentration equipment, high temperature instantaneous sterilizer, filling and packaging machine


Beverage juice type: blending equipment, degasser, homogenizer, high temperature instantaneous sterilization, bottle washing, filling and sealing equipment (PET bottles, cans, etc.)

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