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Cans Filling Machine

Cans Filling Machine

Airless - Can filling and sealing machine

This machine is a kind of equipment developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing domestic and foreign (without gas) easy to pull cans filling and sealing machine (sealing machine). The principle of atmospheric pressure filling is adopted. When the empty tank enters the lifting tray through the dial wheel, the filling valve and empty tank are centered, and the empty tank is raised and sealed. Meanwhile, the valve port of the filling valve is automatically opened. When the filling liquid level blocks the valve return pipe port, the filling will be stopped. The cans are sent to the sealing machine head through hook chain. The lid is sent to the filling port through the cap feeder and the press head. When the supporting mechanism is raised, the pressure head presses the tank mouth, and the sealing wheel is pre capped and then sealed. After the jar is sealed, it is pushed out by the beater and then transported out of the tank。

Cans Filling Machine Integrated machine

Cans Filling Machine (equal pressure) sealing combination machine - It is mainly suitable for the production enterprises of gas-containing beverages and beer. It is a professional equipment for automatic filling and sealing of cans. Through automatic cans transportation, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic cans delivery and other systems, it is greatly It improves labor efficiency and provides a reliable guarantee for beer filling with quality and quantity. This machine is the core equipment of the beer packaging production line. During the filling process of aerated beverage, bubbling, dissatisfaction, high or low liquid level, oxygen increase and bottleneck air exceeding the standard, and scratches and deformation during the sealing process, etc. , Will directly lead to the increase of product loss, thereby increasing the cost. Therefore, the quality of the canned gas filling machine directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise。

Can filling machine production line

We serve a food can production line project, leisure fish canned production line, canned seafood processing, meat food processing equipment, and a professional manufacturer of food processing equipment. It integrates research, design, manufacturing, craftsmanship, sales and service.

Carbonated beverage production line is a kind of carbonated beverage process, which contains a certain amount of gas and is injected into the beverage. This kind of beverage, also known as "inflatable beverage" and "soft beverage", is used to manufacture beverage equipment and form a systematic carbonated beverage production equipment. The basic process of beverage production is as follows: the raw water is filtered, sterilized by ultraviolet to form sterile water, the sugar is dissolved, and the syrup is obtained after fine filtration. Mix the ingredients in proportion, and then add appropriate amount of syrup to form the first drink. After the material is frozen by the freezing system, the temperature drops to 0-4 ℃. The cooled beverage is mixed with carbon dioxide in the mixer to form carbonated beverage. The beverage is directly sent to the filling machine for filling through the beverage pump.

The production process of the soda beverage production line of easy drawing can starts from the filtration of source water:
Source water tank → source water pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → sodium ion filter → precision filter → RO reverse osmosis unit → ultraviolet sterilization lamp → finished water tank. Beverage blending: sugar melting pot → syrup filter → blending tank → duplex filter → water chiller → plate heat exchanger → high power steam water mixer → CO2 filter → finished beverage. Beverage packaging: bottle flushing → isobaric filling machine → capping or capping → warm bottle → drying → labeling → coding → film packaging.

The carbonated beverage produced by the production line of pop can carbonated beverage is produced by blending. The equipment included in the production includes: the sugar melting pot is heated by steam generated by the boiler, or the electric sugar melting pot is also used for sugar melting. It can be continuously stirred in the high temperature environment. If the sugar used is not pure enough, it needs to be filtered by syrup filter to ensure the quality of the beverage It tastes good. Ingredients include flavors, flavors and stabilizers in different order.

According to the types, the production methods of pop can carbonated beverage production line can be divided into two types: primary mixing and secondary mixing. The primary mixing is suitable for those with less output. Syrup and water are pumped into the mixing barrel at the same time through two pumps for mixing, and then filled with carbon dioxide for beverage mixing. Secondary mixing: water and sugar are respectively poured into the storage tank through the beverage pump, water and syrup are injected into the final mixing barrel through the pump of the mixer for mixing and mixing, and carbon dioxide is filled for mixing and filling. The higher the multiple of the aerated beverage filling machine, the more barrels of the mixer and the more water pumps used. The automatic liquid level can be viewed directly from the outside. The re carbonation tank is equipped with a snake tube with refrigerant. In order to ensure sufficient contact time between carbon dioxide and purified water, carbon dioxide is charged before entering the carbonation tank. The carbonated material enters the filling machine and quickly fills the bottle.

Because the aerated beverage contains a lot of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide at 0-4 ℃ is suitable for combination with beverage, carbon dioxide can achieve good solubility under such conditions. At present, it is suitable for beverage freezing system, which is called cold water system. Also known as chiller, chiller is a kind of machine to achieve refrigeration effect through vapor compression or absorption cycle. The liquid can flow through the heat exchanger to cool the air or equipment. Steam compressor chiller consists of four main components of the steam compression refrigeration cycle (compressor, evaporator, condenser, part of the metering device form), these machines can realize different refrigerant. The refrigerants used in absorption chillers and the silica gel used in urban water are used as desiccants. Absorption chillers use water as refrigerant, and rely on the water and lithium bromide solution between them to achieve a strong affinity of refrigeration effect. If the temperature of the beverage is relatively high and it needs to cool down quickly, we can consider increasing the plate exchanger to speed up the heat dissipation area and contact speed through the heat dissipation wings.

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