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Hot Fill Bottling Machine

Hot Fill Bottling Machine

Weighing and quantitative filling

Processing bottle type: PET bottle, glass bottle, aluminum bottle Technical features:Online weighing instrument accurately controls the filling volume, non-contact filling design, safe and hygienic Better flow channel design, higher filling speed, pre-stored filling equipment with different volumetric bottle shapes, ready to use as you adjust.

Flow meter filling

Processing bottle type: PET bottle, glass bottle, aluminum bottleTechnical features:Flow meter accurately controls the filling volume, non-contact filling design, safe and sanitary Automatic CIP counterfeit cup, optimal CIP filling valve flow channel design, to ensure that the cleaning process is clean and free of residues, more suitable for lightweight bottles, pre-stored filling and assembly methods of different volume bottle shapes, conversion is extremely convenient and fast Easier to maintain

Filling mechanical valve

Processing bottle type: PET bottle, glass bottle, aluminum bottle Technical features: use different length return pipes to control the liquid level Hygienic design, the filling has two options of backflow and no backflow, and the liquid level accuracy can be improved by vacuuming. Belongs to lower investment and operating costs

Fruit juice, tea drinks, mixed milk drinks, liquid food, granular drinks, functional drinks, milk tea, coffee... Nowadays, new kinds of drinks emerge in endlessly. Non steamed drinks are rich in taste and various in types, which are very popular in the market. How to ensure the taste of the beverage? How to deal with the diced fruit of beverage containing fruit granules? How can sanitation, filling accuracy and temperature be guaranteed?

Sunrise uses microbial safety design and soft filling technology to meet the needs of the whole product range with different filling processes. You can get the best treatment process for every product.

Beverage hot filling is generally used in the production line of concentrated reduced juice. This kind of juice is made of concentrated juice or fruit powder, mixed with syrup and beverage additives, pasteurized (85-100 ℃) for about 30 minutes, and then filled. The shelf life of this kind of juice beverage is long, usually about one year, but the taste and nutrients of the beverage will be greatly lost in the process of processing. Cold irrigation is generally suitable for the production of natural fruit juice or heat sensitive drinks, or neutral drinks such as milk. This kind of juice in the production without any additives and water, after ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine sterilization, in a relatively sterile environment filling, usually this kind of beverage shelf life is about one month at most, and the production, transportation and storage of beverage must be in a low temperature environment. This kind of beverage has good taste and no loss of nutrition, which is the trend of beverage production.

Composition of hot filling machine
PET bottle hot filling machine is one of the main equipment in the hot filling production line, which is composed of the three in one machine of bottle flushing, filling and capping. At the same time, it is also equipped with material return tank and circulation system; The bottle flushing and filling parts do not need to be connected by conveyor belt, and are transported by star wheel. The machine is fully automatic control, simple and convenient operation, easy to fill equipment layout and sanitary environment control and production management.
Principle of hot filling
The ingredients of hot filling materials of PET bottles are quite different from those of ordinary water or gas beverage materials, and the filling methods and filling processes are also different. Therefore, the structure of hot filling machine is quite different from that of ordinary filling machine in filling cylinder, filling valve and management system.
1. Because the ingredients of hot filling materials such as juice, tea, coffee milk and functional health drinks are different, some contain high sugar content, some even contain pectin and theophylline, some have high medium viscosity, and some are easy to bubble during filling.
In order to ensure long shelf life and stable quality of drinks, high temperature filling is required, and the temperature is usually about 88 ℃.
At the same time, it is also required that the internal structure of the filling cylinder is smooth, easy to clean, and there is no CIP cleaning dead angle. The parts in contact with the materials are made of 0Cr19Ni9 stainless steel, and the internal and external surfaces are smooth. The roughness Ra ≤ 0.8 is required.
2. The hot filling machine adopts the filling mode of gravity filling and negative pressure reflux
After UHT ultra-high temperature sterilization, the material is pumped to the upper cylinder of the filling machine to maintain a certain head drop with the PET bottle mouth to be filled. The material is injected into the PET bottle through the upper pipeline of the filling valve and the filling valve. At the same time, the exhaust fan is equipped with suction fans in the worktable. The suction entrance is connected with the buffer tank. When the filling machine is started, the air in the PET bottle is quickly sucked away through the return pipe of the buffer tank, the lower cylinder and the filling valve, and a negative pressure is formed. The filling speed is accelerated, and the bottle mouth foam is sucked away and quickly filled into the PET bottle at high liquid level, and the high liquid level or full bottle filling of the bottle is formed.
3. Requirements for high liquid level in PET bottle after filling
High liquid level or full bottle is required for hot filling of PET bottle, so as to reduce the influence of residual oxygen in air on the quality of beverage. At the same time, the hot gas of the bottle mouth material can also replace some of the air, which is conducive to the later process of pouring the bottle, sterilizing the bottle mouth and the top surface of the inner side of the bottle cap, and further ensuring the quality of the beverage

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