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Aseptic Filling Line

Aseptic Wet High Speed Aseptic Filling Line

Maximize productivity and flexibility Sunrise aseptic production line is suitable for juice, tea, sports drinks, milk, yogurt and milk-based beverages.

Aseptic Wet Low Speed Aseptic Filling Line

Smaller footprint, faster play and maximum flexibility. Sunrise aseptic production line is suitable for juice, tea, sports drinks, milk, yogurt and milk-based beverages.

Aseptic lineProduct Assessment:

Packaging an aseptic beverage means considering every variable which will influence its viability, and designing a package which will preserve your beverage's original profile. With help from Sunrise Intelligent scientific experts in beverage, packaging and industrial design early within the process, your production bottle can safeguard beverage integrity.



  • Valuable beverage insight: Physical, chemical and sensory analyses to qualify beverage behaviour during a given PET packaging.

  • resulting in appropriate filling solution Package quality assessment: Qualification of decontamination and sealing performance, chemical residue, and on-site microbial analysis to make sure total hygienic compliance.

  • Real-world evaluation: Reduced-scale production of your beverage under simulated conditions in preparation for full-scale production.

Preform packaging design

From preform and packaging design to final production and beyond, we assist you create a PET bottle that protects your product, delights your customers and strengthens your brand.



  • Benefits A standout brand: We assist you develop a PET bottle that ensures the proper consumerexperience, product safety and line efficiency Ensured real-world bottle performance: Evaluation of bottle stability, rigidity and quality before your industrial production

  • Optimised PET bottle: Reducing bottle weight while maintaining performance Original moulds qualified for max uptime: Solutions for brand spanking new lines.

Our fully integrated solution adopts the processing equipment and capabilities of the international processing system-Sunrise Intelligent Aseptic Technology.supported years of technological innovation that prioritises hygienic compliance and food safety while still taking under consideration your need for max uptime, our systems optimise aseptic production with efficient solutions designed to guard your beverage from preparation to filling.



  • Maximum uptime: Continuous aseptic production runs。

  • without cleaning stoppages Effective cleaning: Fast changeovers with optimised cleaning cycles

  • Efficient hygiene: Shorter sterilisation times between different production cycles

Dry Preform Decontamination
Sunrise aseptic filling system, scientifically proven aseptic dry preform decontamination

The Sunrise aseptic filling system decontaminates a preform instead of an entire bottle as this is an easier and safer method. Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is injected in the preforms before the oven so the heating phase activates the H202. This results in a high level of decontamination up to Log 6 with minimal residue. This decontamination system has been successfully implemented in many customer plants around the world. The unique, patented process ensures full production sterility and food safety, and the competitive solution ensures process simplicity and flexibility while lowering your total cost of ownership.


Safe and straightforward aseptic production:

  • High level of decontamination: up to Log 6 Aseptic blowing without need for sterilisable blow-moulder 100% dry solution with deployment of same technology to caps with No water usage means no microorganic growth

  • Flexible production with maximum uptime:

  • All sensitive beverages filled, high- or low-acidity, including those with pulp Many different bottle formats from 200 mL to 3 L Any bottle shape, round or square, with unlimited lightweighting Continuous aseptic production run of 200 hours High productivity: Up to 2,500 bottles per hour per mould

  • Cost-efficient and sustainable production: No use of water and almost no chemical use Unlimited bottle lightweighting potentia


After the aseptic filling process, the beverage product moves onto one among its most defining features - the label. Whether you need roll-fed or sleeve labels for your aseptic filled beverages, our labellers can handle any label format and can confirm your product stands out from the gang.


Higher labelling performance and efficiency

  • Greater performance and ergonomics

  • Boasted production uptime

  • Sustainable and quality production

Once sensitive beverage product has been filled and therefore the bottle has been labelled, the first package is transferred using conveyors to its secondary packaging process. the ultimate result's the package the customer sees at the purpose of sale, so it must grab their attention. These packs ensure protection from elements like weather, pressure and temperature changes.

Whether you select shrink-printed film, nested packs or wraparound cartons, packers gently feed bottles to make sure durable and cost-effective packs.




  • Pack consistency and quality

  • Gentle and precise infeed configuration

  • Flexible handling of multiple SKUs

  • Automatic pack and staple changeovers

  • Heat, glue, carton and film optimisation

Once your packaged product is prepared to continue across the availability chain, efficiency during storage and transport is important . As bottles and packs vary in format and size, it's important that conveying and palletising handles a spread of products, packs and layer patterns.



  • Conventional palletiser: easy operation, troubleshooting and maintenance; handles up to three SKUs simultaneously

  • Robotic palletiser: compact fit with high production speeds and multiple patterns; handles up to 4 SKUs simultaneously Total Words: 30

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