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Carbonated Drinks Production Line

Carbonated Drinks Production Line

  • Coke type carbonated beverage production line

    The whole process of carbonated beverage production line is also reflected in the closed space. The equipment is used to produce large bottles or small bottles of carbonated water to modulate beverages. Through the way of sugar blending, the initial beverage is formed. After mixing the oxygen in the beverage by degassing, the original syrup and water are mixed by a steam mixing machine, the mixture is sprayed to expand the area by spraying, so that the mixture can be fully mixed with carbon dioxide. Form a saturated carbonated drink. Common drinks are cola, seven up, Sprite, soda water and other drinks.

  • Pulp、Juice type Carbonated drinks Production Line

    Pulp、Juice type carbonated beverage is a low heat content foaming carbonated beverage containing certain fruit juice granules or fragments. It is suspended in shape and has a certain consistency. Processing citrus or other fruits into certain granules or fragments of fruit pulp, adding sugar, protein sugar, citric acid, thickening agent, food flavors and so on, and making bottoms. Two bottles of filling process and a scientific formula are used to wash the bottles. It integrates the advantages of carbonated drinks and non carbonated fruit juice pulp drinks, overcomes the disadvantages of the former two kinds of drinks. It tastes rich, refreshing and thirst quenching. It has a sense of reality, high product grade and strong market competitiveness. It is widely used for men, women, old and young

  • Dietary fiber carbonated beverage Production Line

    Water soluble dietary fiber is a kind of macromolecular polysaccharide which is difficult to be digested by enzyme in human body, but it has many functions and is an ideal functional health food raw material. In this paper, the water-soluble dietary fiber produced by Tianjin Institute of light industry was used as the basic raw material to develop dietary fiber juice beverage, dietary fiber low calorie carbonated beverage and ordinary carbonated beverage. The effects of dietary fiber on juice drinks and carbonated drinks were studied. The results showed that the addition of water-soluble dietary fiber to clarified juice drinks and carbonated drinks would not cause precipitation, and would not affect the clarification and shelf life of juice. The best addition and formula of dietary fiber were determined by experiment, and the sugar content was 10.8% ° The results showed that the juice beverage with BX, ph3.20 and 4% dietary fiber was light yellow, clear and transparent; The low calorie dietary fiber carbonated beverage with dietary fiber content of 2.5%, sugar content of 5% (refractometer), caloric content of less than 70 kJ / 100 ml and ordinary dietary fiber carbonated beverage with sugar content of 10% (refractometer).

Production process of carbonated beverage production line
1、 Main equipment for carbonated beverage production
(1)Water treatment equipment
(2)Syrup blending equipment
(3) Carbonation equipment: CO2 pressure regulating station, water cooler and steam water mixer
(4) Bottle washing equipment
(5) Filling equipment
2、 Production technology of carbonated beverage
Purification ← CO2
(1) Process flow (one time filling method)
Water source → water treatment → cooling and degassing → purification → quantitative adjustment →
Cooling mixing →
Filling → capping → inspection → finished product
White granulated sugar → weighing → dissolving → filtering → syrup blending
Inspection, disinfection, cleaning, container
(2) The preparation and curing of syrup
1. Dissolution of sugar
(1) Cold dissolving method
(2) Thermolysis
2. Blending syrup
Order of addition: original syrup (sweetener) plus preservative plus acid, plus juice, flavor, pigment, water (carbonated water).
(3) Carbonation process
1. CO2 pressure regulating station 2. Water cooler 3. Steam water mixer (carbonation tank) (4) filling, sterilization and inspection
1. Bottle washing 2. Filling 3. Sterilization 4. Cooling and inspection

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